MS Structure

MS Structure, also known as Mild Steel Structure, encompasses a versatile range of high-quality components used extensively in the fabrication industry. These components include MS Angles and MS Channels, which serve various structural applications.

In essence, our MS Structures encompass a comprehensive selection of high-quality mild steel components designed to serve the diverse requirements of the fabrication industry, ensuring strength, precision, and adaptability for various structural projects.


MS Angles

MS Angles, available in both High Tensile (HT) and standard Mild Steel (MS), are skillfully crafted to meet the specific demands of different projects. They find utility in a wide array of structural configurations, providing strength and support where needed. Additionally, our company offers Tower sections tailored to meet the precise requirements of our clients.

Applications of MS Angles, highlighting their diverse uses:

  • Bracket

  • Trimming

  • Transmission Lines

  • Framing

  • Reinforcement

MS Angle Specifications

MS Channels

MS Channels, sometimes referred to as C Channels, offer sturdy right-angle "C" section profiles. These roll-formed products are integral in providing structural support and guidance. MS Channels are indispensable in applications ranging from the automotive industry to heavy machinery sectors. We offer an extensive range of MS Channels, which come in various sizes and dimensions and can be customized to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Applications of MS Channels, highlighting their versatile uses:

  • Purlins for Sheds

  • Scaffoldings in Construction Industries

  • Supporting Frames for Structures

  • Base Frames of Heavy Machinery and Automotives

MS Channel Specifications


MS Flat

A Mild Steel Flat is a rectangular bar meticulously crafted from top-quality mild steel. This steel variant boasts low carbon content, endowing it with exceptional weldability and machinability, thus rendering it a versatile material suitable for a multitude of applications. The flat bar exhibits a smooth, immaculate surface finish, completely devoid of any defects or imperfections, thereby guaranteeing superior quality and durability in its performance.