HR, CR, and GP Sheets

Our process commences with the meticulous uncoiling of coils, followed by precise cutting to achieve the desired width, a technique commonly referred to as splitting. Additionally, we carefully uncoil the coils to attain the necessary lengths, ensuring that our clients receive precisely tailored products. The result of this effort is coils cut to length (CTL), which are expertly flat-stacked and known as sheets. Our diverse sheet offerings encompass an extensive array, including Galvanized MS Plain Sheets, H.R. Sheets, C.R. Sheets, G.P. Sheets, G.C. Sheets, and Stainless Steel Sheets, among others.

Fueled by a proficient team of experts, we take pride in supplying top-quality MS Sheets that conform to rigorous quality standards. Crafted from premium raw materials, our steel sheets are available in standardized size specifications, delivering consistency and reliability. To further ensure quality, we extend the courtesy of inspection to our clients or any third-party entity chosen by them, with a steadfast commitment to delivering orders within the agreed-upon time frame.

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HR Sheets Specifications